keep glasses perfect - Keep Your Favorite Glasses In Perfect Condition

Keep Your Favorite Glasses In Perfect Condition

If you wear glasses for reading, driving, or for daily vision correction then you know that maintenance and repair services are just a fact of life. Most people will repair their glasses around once a year. Lost screws, scuffed lenses, bent arm wires, and missing nose pads are just a few of the common repairs that have to be addressed in order for glasses to remain comfortable and functional. Eyeglass Repair USA can fix your glasses with the help of state of the art laser technology. This is a much more effective way to keep eyeglasses and sunglasses looking like new.

Repairing Is Cheaper Than Replacing

Eyeglasses and sunglasses can both be a serious financial investment, so it makes sense to repair broken glasses rather than to deal with the cost and effort of replacing them. Renewing your prescription for lenses will likely require a new appointment with your optometrist, and then you have to wait for a few weeks while new glasses are fabricated. Repairing your glasses also lets you stick with a pair that is comfortable and dependable rather than trying to find another pair with a comparable fit.

Lasers Accomplish Precision Repairs

Laser welding tools accomplish seamless repair on even the most delicate eyeglass components. Quickly fix problems such as:

  • Snapped lens frames and nose bridge
  • Broken arm/frame joint
  • Broken superior nose bridge strut
  • Snapped nose pad arm

Many of these repairs cannot be accomplished using other tools. Conventional adhesives are not able to hold materials such as titanium with dependable security. However, the heat-sensitive material that goes into the creation of many eyeglasses and designer sunglasses is perfectly responsive to the precision manipulation made possible by laser tools. This results in a visually pleasing repair with no rough edges that could catch or snag.

Let Us Repair Your Broken Glasses

Sunglasses, eyeglasses, and even vintage glasses can all be repaired by our experienced technicians. Contact us today by calling 1-855-726-2020 and tell us how we can help you.