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Eyeglass Repair USA repairs Bvlgari Sunglasses and Eyeglasses

Repair and restore your Bvlgari sunglasses or eyeglasses to look and feel like new.

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BVLGARI is based in Rome, Italy and has been known for creating fine jewelry for over a century. BVLGARI was originally founded by Sotirio Bulgari who manufactured precision silver objects. In 1884, Sotirio moved to Rome and opened his first shop in Via Sistina. Then in 1905, with the help of his sons Costantino and Giorgio, they opened another shop in Via Condotti which remains the flagship store today.

After the Second World War the two brothers took over the business and moved away from dominant influence of French goldsmith school to creating unique styles inspired by the Greco-Roman classicism. By the 1950s and 1960s, the bold innovative style had gained success in the entertainment industry amongst movie stars. The brothers took advantage of this success and began their first phase of global expansion in the 1970s by opening stores in New York, Geneva, Monte Carlo and Paris.

Today, BVLGARI has diversified their luxury brand by expanding into other products and services including watches, eyewear, fragrances, hotels and resorts. BVLGARI eyeglasses and sunglasses are made with only the highest quality materials. If your eyeglasses or sunglasses are broken, Eyeglass Repair USA can fix them and have them looking as good as new!

In the last ten years we have repaired many pairs of BVLGARI eyeglasses, sunglass hinges and nosepads. A repair is often easier and faster than to find an original part for your older BVLGARIglasses. Click Here to begin the process of getting your glasses repaired.

We repair all types of Bvlgari glasses and sunglasses!

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