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Eyeglass Repair USA repairs Porsche eyeglass frames

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Founded by legendary sports car designer Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche in 1972, Porsche design has created sunglasses and eyeglasses with a clean, crisp and strikingly iconic look.
The frames reflect and capture the modern style and modern needs perfectly – They are understated , boasting clean lines and no nonsense shapes. Porsche glasses come in a variety of striking styles and sizes and only use the best materials for frames and lenses giving the wearer unrivaled visuals and luxurious style.
We have performed hundreds of Porsche eyeglass repairs in the last years and most of the repairs can be found by looking at the different frame styles.

Here is the repair for folding Aviator bridges

There are many beautiful and unique designer eyewear fashions but the number of frame style variations is small. There are 3 types of frame styles:

And, there are a small number of frame materials used to make eyeglasses:

We are able to perform repairs on all brands of designer eyewear, including your Porsche eyeglasses. If your frames are made of metal, we can fix them! If your designer frames are made of plastic or wood, we can fix the metal hinges and any other metal parts, but we cannot fix the plastic or the wood (and we cannot fix your lenses).

Laser Repair is our specialty. When you use eyeglassrepairusa, your Porsche eyeglasses are quickly repaired with a nearly invisible weld. In most cases, it is faster and more efficient to have your eyeglasses professionally laser repaired by mail than to find a local eyeglass repair shop that can perform laser repairs.

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Aviator folding lens clip repair

When the Aviator folding lens clamp/clip on top of the bridge has broken we  restore the function by replacing or fabricating the  missing or broken bridge pin.  

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