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Reliable And Affordable Ray Ban Glasses Repair

Restore your Ray Ban Sunglasses or Eyeglasses to Look Like New

Your Timex glasses are a stylish and functional investment. Although these precision glasses are engineered to be strong and long lasting, unfortunately, they are still susceptible to the accidental break or occasional damage. While we may not be able to prevent that unexpected crunching sound under your feet, we can extend the life of your glasses after they break with precise and specialized glasses repair.

What We Repair

Most Timex glasses are made of metal, titanium, or plastic, and that means we are able to make full or partial repairs. The most common types of Timex eyeglass repairs we perform:

  • Full metal frames
  • Half metal frames
  • Frameless with metal features

Most Timex glasses are made of metal, titanium, or plastic, and that means we are able to make full or partial repairs. The most common types of Timex eyeglass repairs we perform include:

  • Bridges
  • Frames
  • Temples
  • Hinges
  • Nosepads

If the frame of your glasses is made from plastic, wood, or composite materials, we can still fix any metal part including hinges.

Why Repair With Us

No one knows glasses like we do at our eyeglass repair shop. We realize that designer brands require a high level of skill and attention to detail in order to make broken glasses look like new. That’s why we’re pleased to use specialty laser repair on all designer brands including Timex. The weld provided by laser repair is nearly invisible and blends seamlessly into the existing structure of your glasses. Additional benefits of laser repair include:

  • A bond that is 60 times stronger than traditional solder welds
  • Permanent results
  • No damage to existing coating or plating

Beyond our experience and success repairing designer glasses with enhanced laser technology, we also pride ourselves on speed and service. We understand that functional glasses have a direct impact on the lives of our customers, which is why make repairs and return glasses within five days from when they arrive at our shop.

Get Started and Let Us Fix Your Glasses Today

If you are unclear on whether or not we can take on your glasses repair, contact us for further information. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you!

To start your repair today, click on the frame style that most matches your glasses:

Repair your eyewear today: metal frames.

Full Metal

Metal arms & metal
around the lens

Repair your eyewear today: half-metal frames.

Half Metal

Metal or plastic arms
nylon wire
under the lens

Repair your eyewear today: frameless frames.

Rimless Metal

Frame mounted to
lenses w/ posts
or screw assembly

Repair your plastic eyeglass frames today.


For arms or around
lens,  metal hinges

Repair your wooden eyeglass frames today.


For arms or around
lens, metal hinges

Repair your titanium eyeglass frames today.

Full Metal

Titanium frame with
hinges or bending arm

Repair your vintage eyewear today.



Aviators, RayBan,
Porsche Carrera,

Repair your sun glasses today.



Plastic, metal,
half metal, Titanium,
rimless,any Brand

Eyeglass Repair USA is your cost-effective and convenient repair option for Timex sunglasses and eyeglasses too!

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