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Reliable And Affordable Versace Glasses Repair

versace - Versace eyeglass repair

When Versace burst onto the fashion scene in 1978, its popularity was almost immediate. Quickly establishing themselves as a leading international fashion brand, Versace has been designs and distributes luxury clothing, home furnishings, makeup, and other accessories ever since. They have developed quite a large fan base among celebrities and luminaries past and present, and their products can be seen gracing almost every red carpet around the world. Fans of Versace include Michael Jackson, Elton John, Princess Diana, Beyonce Knowles, and Lady Gaga.

Versace’s eyewear line is designed to be the perfect addition to any outfit. If your Versace sunglasses or eyeglasses ever need repair, Eyeglass Repair USA can restore them to their former beauty in no time. Our laser technology ensures that any weld made on the frame is virtually seamless therefore we are able to provide a level of repair service for your Versace eyeglasses unmatched by your average eyewear repair shop.

In the last ten years we have repaired hundreds of pairs of Versace eyeglasses, sunglass hinges and nosepads. A repair is often easier and faster than to find an original part for your older Versace glasses.

To start your repair today, click on the frame style that most matches your glasses:

metal - Versace eyeglass repair Full Metal

Metal arms & metal
around the lens

half metal - Versace eyeglass repair Half Metal

Metal or plastic arms
nylon wire
under the lens

rimless - Versace eyeglass repair Rimless Metal

Frame mounted to
lenses w/ posts
or screw assembly

plastic - Versace eyeglass repair Plastic

For arms or around
lens,  metal hinges

wood - Versace eyeglass repair Wood

For arms or around
lens, metal hinges

titanium - Versace eyeglass repair Full Metal

Titanium frame with
hinges or bending arm

vintage - Versace eyeglass repair Vintage


Aviators, RayBan,
Porsche Carrera,

sunglasses - Versace eyeglass repair Sunglasses


Plastic, metal,
half metal, Titanium,
rimless,any Brand

Eyeglass Repair USA is your cost-effective and convenient repair option for Versace sunglasses and eyeglasses too!

versace1 - Versace eyeglass repair

Click here to repair your eyeglasses in three easy steps

Are your Versace eyeglass or sunglasses lenses scratched or broken? Visit our friends at Replace A Lens

replacealens - Versace eyeglass repair

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