Eyeglass Repair

AdobeStock 105899354 WM - Eyeglass Repair

Find your eyeglass repair

All eyeglasses come in a great variety of shapes and styles that reflect your personal style.

However, the method and materials with which your frames are made usually fall into one of the following  categories. Because of that you can quickly determine which eyeglass repair your frame needs.

Please click on the photo/category below that best matches the construction style of your eyeglasses frame.

On the next page you can choose exactly what part of your glasses needs repair.

1 metal frame - Eyeglass Repair
Full Metal Metal arms & metal
around the lens
2 AdobeStock 101310771 WM - Eyeglass Repair Half Metal

Metal or plastic arms
nylon wire
under the lens

3 fotolia 86983262 - Eyeglass Repair Rimless Metal

Frame mounted to
lenses w/ posts
or screw assembly

4 AdobeStock 54547614 WM - Eyeglass Repair Plastic

For arms or around
lens, metal hinges

5 AdobeStock 66813776 WM - Eyeglass Repair Wood

For arms or around
lens, metal hinges

6 AdobeStock 61190777 WM - Eyeglass Repair Full Metal

Titanium frame with
hinges or bending arm

Looking to repair a set of one-of-a-kind, vintage frames, a cherished pair of sunglasses, or a particular designer brand?
We do all of that!
Click on the links below for more information on our specialty repairs:
vintage - Eyeglass Repair Vintage


Aviators, RayBan,
Porsche Carrera,

sunglasses - Eyeglass Repair Sunglasses


Plastic, metal,
half metal, Titanium,
rimless,any Brand

designer - Eyeglass Repair Designer

Cartier, Chanel, Gucci,
Oakley, Prada,
RayBan, etc.


“After searching all over Manhattan for a jeweler who could repair my titanium frames, I finally gave up and tried the internet where I found you. Although I was a bit nervous sending my glasses across the country, I didn’t know what else to do.

I’m writing now to say, Wow! What great service. I only sent the glasses out on Thursday for overnight afternoon delivery. So imagine my surprise and delight when I arrived at the office this morning to find them back here. Thanks so much! I’ll certainly recommend you to anyone in the future that I run across who needs frames repaired.”

– Steven, New York, NY