2 Silhouette nosepads installed

Silhouette Hinged

Eyeglass Repair USA repairs most Designer Eyeglass Brands

Your eyeglassess can be repaired - and they'll look and feel like new. While there are many beautiful and unique designer eyewear fashions, the number of frame style variations is small. There are 3 types of frame styles: full frame, half frame, and frameless. And, there are a small number of frame materials used to make eyeglasses: metal (including titanium), plastic (including composite), and wood. If your frames are made of metal, we can fix them! If your designer frames are made of plastic or wood, we can fix the metal hinges and any other metal parts, but we cannot fix the plastic or the wood (and we cannot fix your lenses). We are able to perform repairs on all brands of designer eyewear, including your designer brand eyeglasses. Laser Repair is our specialty. When you use Eyeglass Repair USA, your designer brand eyeglasses are quickly repaired with a nearly invisible weld. In most cases, it is faster and more efficient to have your eyeglasses professionally laser repaired by mail than to find a local eyeglass repair shop that can perform laser repairs. All eyeglasses and sunglasses come in a great variety of shapes and styles that reflect your personal style. However, the methods and materials with which all frames are made usually fall into one of the following categories. Please click on the photo/category below that best matches the look and style of your eyeglasses frame.

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