Fabricate Trim Piece and install – right

Hand fabricate the trim spacer that keeps the frame from opening too wide.


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Fabricate Trim Piece and install

Your favorite Designer plastic eyeglass frames have many styles and shapes.
In some cases the designer plastic frame has a little metal spacer bar – we call it a trim piece – between the temple ( arm) and the
corner of the lens frame. Without the spacer bar your eyeglass arms will open too wide and not stay on your face.
In most cases this little metal is only attached to the plastic arm by two little pins.
If your frame suddenly fits too loose you might have lost the trim spacer the sits at the front of the temple and keeps the opening angle at 90º.

These trim spacers are often not available as replacement parts because the manufacture “retired” that style and has no more parts for it.
Here at Eyeglass Repair USA we can help in this case.

We actually hand fabricate that trim piece by copying the metal spacer from the other side.
To  create that new piece from “scratch” we actually fabricate it from a piece of Sterling silver.

Depending on the color of your original trim bar we finish the trim piece in high silver polish
or otherwise we gold plate the piece to match the color of your frame.

Fabricating that trim piece takes skill, time and painstaking attention to detail.
The shape of that bar has to match the other side and the shape of the plastic temple that it attaches to.
The two little pins have to be the right size and distance from each other.
However every trim piece has different dimensions.

Note: We do not fabricate or replicate trim pieces that have a logo or complex design on it

You have to send your frame to us so that we can replicate that trim piece.

To fabricate the right side trim piece the cost is $89.95

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