Wood Frame Eyeglass Repairs

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R-hinge rebuild or convert $59.95

2 plastic nose pads $25

L- hinge rebuild or convert $59.95

1 hinge or lens frame screw installed $18

2 hinge or lens frame screws installed $36

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R-hinge rebuild or convert - $59.95

L- hinge rebuild or convert - $59.95

test - $0.01

How Do I Get My Eyeglasses Repaired?

1. Hover or click on the blue dot that corresponds to area of damage to your glasses. Text will appear that describes the repairs that we can perform, and the usual price.---2. "Click to Select this Repair". If your eyeglasses need multiple repairs, you can repeat this for each broken area, and add each.---3. When you have selected all broken areas, click the "Proceed to Checkout" button. You will then be prompted to give your address, contact details and payment details. All Shipping instructions will be on the receipt.---4. You then mail the glasses to us. We will inspect the glasses on arrival and will contact you with updates. In most cases we will start work promptly and return your repaired glasses to you in good-as-new condition within a week.---
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To order replacement parts, choose from the options below.

1 replacement screw installed. Glasses need to be sent here to match screw size/shape/color. $18
2 replacement screws installed.  Glasses need to be sent here to match screw size/shape/color. $36
2 nose pads of similar shape and size installed. $25

Eyeglass Repair USA does not repair lenses. For lens repairs please click here

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    Not sure what you need fixed? Help is at hand...

    Hinge and Spring Hinge Rebuilds

    If your eyeglasses break in the middle of the hinge or close to the screw you need a hinge rebuild.

    If a spring hinge which has broken by the piston falling out of the socket on the temple side, you'll need a spring hinge rebuild/convert.

    Costs for hinge rebuilds may vary depending on the style of the hinge (single or double), the exact location of the break, and whether or not you have all the pieces.
    Standard hinge rebuilds are $59.95. If we receive your eyeglasses and see that the job is more complex, we'll contact you with a revised price.

    End piece weld

    If your hinge can still turn and there is enough hinge "sticking out", then the repair job requires less labor.
    The standard charge for end piece welds is $39.95 . If the job is more complex, we'll contact you with a revised price to be approved.
    We won't do any work without your prior approval.

    Missing Parts

    Some missing parts can be replaced.
    We replace nose pads, with similar generic nose pads.
    We replace screws with matching generic screws.
    We replace missing trim pieces on wood frames by replicating the trim piece of the other side.
    You can order these parts in the sections above.
    We do not supply any brand logos or brand frame parts.
    For lens repairs please click here

    Wood Frames with Metal Parts

    Wooden Eyeglasses have wood lens frames and temples (or earpieces) and metal hinges.
    Wood frames that have additional metal parts (not just hinge), are "combination frames".
    If your combination frame needs metal repair click here to place your order.