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Since 2002 we’ve repaired eyeglasses for people just like you.

Here are a few of the THANK YOUs that we have received

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  • “Hello,I wanted to THANK YOU for your exceptional service, quick turnaround, in short, professionalism! It is very rare these days and it is a true joy to come across people like you.

    Best wishes!
    Vlad, San Antonio, TX

  • “I’ve received my Gaultier glasses back that you repaired and I just wanted to say THANKS!!! You’re a genius and a saint!! It’s like having an old friend back.Regards,
    Rick Theobald
  • “This is just a short note to express my satisfaction with your service. From the Boston area I priority mailed my broken Titanium frame glasses on the 10th and received them back fixed 7 days later.The laser welding is unnoticeable and looks stronger than the original weld. I now have my backup glasses in working condition at a tenth of the cost of replacing them.


  • “I am thrilled that you were able to repair my eyeglasses. They are my favorite glasses and are not replaceable (bought overseas) so I feared I’d never be able to wear them again. They are now as good as new and I couldn’t be happier. The repair turnaround time was amazing!Thank you so very much!
    Wendy Wills
  • “Just wanted to let you know that you did a great job on the eyeglass frames.  Been wearing them and they are like new.Thank you,
    Eric, Richland, WA
  • “I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your work!  The fix to may glasses is perfect and the turn around time was great.  I am completely satisfied!Yours Very Truly,
    Michael Livingston
  • “After searching all over Manhattan for a jeweler who could repair my titanium frames, I finally gave up and tried the internet where I found you.  Although I was a bit nervous sending my glasses across the country, I didn’t know what else to do.I’m writing now to say, Wow!  What great service.  I only sent the glasses out on Thursday for overnight afternoon delivery. So imagine my surprise and delight when I arrived at the office this morning to find them back here.  Thanks  so much!  I’ll certainly recommend you to anyone in the future that I run across who needs frames repaired.

    Steven, New York, NY

  • “I just received my eyeglasses today. Looks great. You guys did a wonderful job. I really appreciate it.Regards,
    Charles, Los Angeles, CA
  • “My wife was very happy with the repair!  Thank you for the prompt service.R. B. Privett
  • “I received my pair today and I thank you for your job. I am very happy with it! Thanks again! J’ai recu ma paire de lunettes aujourd’hui et je vous remercie pour votre travail. J’en suis tres contente ! Merci encore !Florence, Cleveland, Oh
  • “Thank you for mailing me about the status of my glasses. I received them on Friday afternoon. The repair is barely noticeable and the frames feel strong.Thank you,
    Arika Bush
  • “I just recieved the eyeglasses that you repaired for me and I just wanted to tell you thank you. It was done much faster than I expected, and it was a great quality repair. I will highly recommend you to others in the future.Thank you again,
    Charleen, Napa CA
  • “Got the Glasses today and you did a Great Job! Thanks so much!! Cathy my wife says, “You provide a very hard to find service and we will tell all our friends.”Tom
  • “Thank you very much for the excellent job you did repairing my glasses! I will definitely recommend your services to others!Best Regards,
  • “The frames are back, and I’m very pleased.  The laser welds on the three titanium frames look good.  They are very sturdy and the damage to surrounding metal is really quite minimal in comparision with other kinds of repair techniques.Scott, Kennewick
  • You were successful in repairing my Prada frame last June, 2007. The repair has held up quite well, thank you.My husband’s Nike glasses have broken at the center point of the bridge. They are metal, perhaps a Titanium alloy composite. We’d like to send his glasses to you for repair. Thank you in advance.

    Dianthe Politis

  • “Wow!! Could not believe the fast service. Good work, glasses never better. Good workmanship. Took your information to my eye doctor and he posted it on their board. Again, thanks for the service.Joe, Holiday Island, Arkansas
  • “Thank you so much for the excellent work on my glasses!  I was happy to have them back, and delighted to see that your weld is virtually invisible. I expect the problem was metal fatigue – they’re 3 years old – and between myself and my husband, we’ll undoubtedly be back in touch with you very soon.Thanks again,
  • “Thank you for the excellent job you did with my glasses.  Take this as approval for the additional $10 charge for the work you did on these glasses.  And thanks again!!-archie
  • “Glasses arrived today…nice job. Thank You.Michael J. Viveiros
  • “I looked at the glasses and they look brand-new.  Thanks for doing such a fine job, and I’ll be sure to contact you again should I need further repairs on glasses.Sincerely,
  • “Thanks much for the excellent weldings on my unreplacable Metzler eyeglass frames.  They arrived safely this morning.Jeff Erwin
  • “I received the repaired glasses a couple of weeks ago, and so far the repair seems to be holding up quite well.  Certainly, it is better than anything that I could’ve achieved on my own.  Therefore, thank you very much for your services.Yours,
    Jason McNulty

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