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Nose Pads

Nose pads are an important part of sunglasses. In older eyeglasses design, the central bridge area of the glasses frame was made with metal in reverse “U” shape. This saddle bridge is failed to keep eyeglasses at their place and they keep sliding on wearer’s nose which is very annoying. Replacement nose pads are a perfect solution to this problem. They help eyeglasses and to stay in their proper position and now the glasses manufactures are producing the eyewear with adjustable nose pads while keeping your comfort in mind.

Nose pads hold the full weight of glasses on your nose and provide it comfort. Besides that, nose pads also give a classic, vintage look to your eyeglass frames. But, like other parts nose pads also collapsed with time or sometimes get broken. So, they need to be replaced with a new pair to maintain the comfort and position of the glasses frame.

How to Choose the Right Replacement Nose Pads for Your Eyeglass Frame?

On the Basis of Nose Pad Mounts

This is how the old nose pads are mounted to your eyeglass frame. There are mainly three types of nose pads on the basis of mounts:

Push-On Nose Pads: This is also known as the push-in mount. The push-on nose pads are made with hard plastic material and attached to the eyeglass frame with a small rectangle metal piece. See your glasses’ nose pad pivots to check whether it is push-on nose pad or not.

Screw-On Nose Pads: These nose pads are mounted on the frames with a small screw given on the side of the nose pad. Check out your eyeglasses closely if there is any small screw available to confirm the screw-on nose pad.

Slide-On Nose Pads: Mostly used for rimless eyeglass frames that slide into a hairpin-like bent wire portion of the nose pad arm mount.

On the Basis of Nose Pad Material

There are many types of material used for making eyeglass nose pads. Most commonly used materials are:

Silicon Nose Pads: A soft silicone material is perfect as the nose pads touch your skin while wearing the sunglasses. A silicon nose pad provides a perfect fit and weight distribution to wearer’s face.

Polycarbonate Nose Pads: Used to create Large rigid pads and “Ultra-Thin” Pads with hard plastic material. These are known as the most durable and lightweight nose pads due to their design and material.

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Nose Pads: PVC nose pads are made with plastic and very soft. They provide full comfort and support to make glasses easier to wear. Sometimes improper adjustment of the node pads may cause indentations on the skin due to pressure.

Apart from the above materials, rubber, glass, ceramic, glass, and titanium are also used for creating nose pads. But they are less commonly used.

On the Basis of Shape & Size

Nose pads for plastic and metal eyeglass frames come in different shape and size. Some of the most popular nose pad shapes are D-Shape, Oval, Round, and Teardrop Shape. The size and shape are depending on the manufacturer of the eyeglass frame. So, it is necessary to select the pad according to your sunglass brand.

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