Eyeglass frames are beautiful, fashionable, and fragile.

You wear your glasses front-and-center on your face. And when they break, you want your old friend back. We can provide you with a repair that is next to perfect: nearly seamless and permanent.

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Bring Your Eyeglass Frames Back to Life

The Laser Welder is the perfect instrument for precision eyeglass repair. It repairs breaks in metal eyeglass frames without damaging the metal plating or the coating. The bond is 60 times stronger than a solder weld and is nearly invisible to the naked eye (see our photos below).

If you try to fix your eyeglass frame with lead solder or a jewelers torch, you run the risk of weakening your frame with the intense heat. If you apply super glue or epoxy to your frame, you run the risk of contaminating the metal and finish on your eyeglasses.

The Laser Welder works at low temperatures, sending its focused beam to a singlular point without heating the frame (the operator comfortably holds the frames in his hands while welding). A stream of Argon surrounds the welding spot, preventing oxidation.

Laser agitates the atoms of the metal without heat or flame. The 50x microscope allows five times the accuracy than if we use jeweler’s goggles.

Laser welding technology seamlessly repairs heat-sensitive and valuable alloys including 24 karat gold frames. Inside the welder is a Laser chamber that allows the operator to target each weld with precision as he looks through the 50x magnification at the area being repaired.

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Before and After Shots



Hinge brokenHinge rebuild
Dual Hinge brokenDual Hinge weld
 Hinge broken Hinge rebuild
Hinge brokenHinge rebuild

“This is just a short note to express my satisfaction with your service. From the Boston area I priority mailed my broken Titanium frame glasses on the 10th and received them back fixed 7 days later.”

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