What Questions Do You Have?

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If you have a question that we haven’t answered on this page, please contact us and we’ll get an answer to you right away.

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Eyeglass repair Questions about Glasses

What type of eyeglasses do you repair?

We use Laser technology to weld metal frames, half metal frames, rimless frames, and metal hinges and other metal parts on plastic frames or wooden frames. Our technicians are able to repair all types of eyeglasses or sunglasses, including designer sunglasses like Ray Ban and Oakley, designer brand eyeglasses like Cartier, Gucci and Versace, and many standard brands.

What types of eyeglass repairs do you repair?

If it’s broken, it’s most likely we can fix it. If there are pieces missing we have access to parts and sometimes can make a piece by hand! We perform eyeglass repairs on breaks or cracks in the metal parts (including titanium, titan, flexon and stainless steel) of most eyeglass frames and clip-ons. This includes eyeglass repairs on titanium glasses, repairs on designer sunglasses like Ray Ban and Oakley, or eyeglass repair on designer brand eyeglasses like Cartier, Gucci, Versace, and many more.

I haven’t seen my particular model or brand of eyeglass on your site. Can you still repair it?

We can repair almost all brands of metal frames, Titanium frames, half metal frames, frameless frames and plastic frames. We have skillfully repaired metal hinges or metal parts on wooden frames.
If you own a Cartier Gold eyeglass frame we can also help because we can laser wed those gold parts together with our 14 karat or 18 karat gold wire.

I have a pair of Plastic frames. Can you repair those?

If your plastic frames are broken at the hinge, we can most likely repair them. Most of the time the actual hinge in plastic frames is made of metal. If your the hinge on your frames is metal, we will be able to repair them. We can also replace the broken or missing trim spacer on plastic glasses. If your plastic frame has a broken plastic hinge assembly we can retrofit that hinge into a hand fabricated metal hinge assembly.
However if your plastic frame has broken plastic parts like a temple (arm) snapped in half or a broken plastic nose bridge or a snapped plastic lens frame around the lens we unfortunately cannot help you.

Eyeglass repair Questions about Parts

Do you replace eyeglass parts?

At our shop we repair your frame’s existing metal parts with  laser eyeglass repair. If needed we substitute the broken or missing metal parts or hinges with standard  metal parts that match. Sometimes we hand fabricate special metal parts or hinges or even trim screws if needed. We also replace most parts of Silhouette Frames if those parts are still obtainable.
We do not replace designer brand logos and plastic temples.

Do you replace crystals or rhinestones on eyeglasses?

At our shop we can replace and install basic round crystals if they are of clear white color. If your frame has crystals or rhinestones in a particular -not round – shape or color you need to contact the manufacture of that frame.

Do you tint frames, color lenses, or coat lenses?

No. At our shop we repair metal and plastic frames with laser eyeglass repair.
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My eyeglasses broke right in the middle of the hinge and I am missing the broken part. Can you repair such a break?

This type of repair is called a “hinge rebuild”. The cost for a hinge rebuild most often is $59.95 but it can differ, depending on the style and material ( solver, gold , platinum) of the hinge (single or double) and the exact location of the break. Once we see your eyeglass frame we will contact you with an estimate for the repair.

Eyeglass repair Questions about Glues

Can you repair glasses that are contaminated with glue?

Before performing the repair, we can most likely remove the glue and decontaminate the metal. If the glue contamination is extensive there might be a fee for cleaning the frames. Once we see your eyeglass frame we will contact you with an estimate for the cleaning.

I tried to fix my glasses with solder but it didn’t work. Can you repair these?

Solder must be filed or sanded off to get to the clean metal of the eye frame. The cost for cleaning off solder ranges from $10 to $25. Once we see your eyeglass frame we will contact you with an estimate for the cleaning.

Eyeglass repair Questions about Metals

What is the difference between Titanium and other metal frames?

Titanium frames come in the same styles as other metal frames. The difference between titanium and other metal frames is that titanium is a highly reactive metal that requires special treatment. On titanium frames, the laser weld must be done inside of an Argon chamber to prevent oxidation during welding.
When customers come to us for repairs to titanium frames, it is often at the end of an extensive search. Many opticians don’t have or know about the specific equipment required to do laser welding in an Argon chamber. We have that equipment.

My local Eyeglass shop said they could repair my Titanium frames with a torch. Is that true?

Titanium can nearly never be repaired with a torch since the oxygen needed for the flame corrodes and oxidizes the metal. We can only recommend a Laser repair inside an argon gas chamber for Titanium eyeglass frames.

How do I know what metal are my frames made of?

Some frames will state “titanium” directly on them. You may also check with your doctor or the shop where you purchased your frames. We will test the frames when they arrive in our repair center to confirm the metal type. If you selected a standard repair, and your frames are titanium, we will call you to confirm that it is ok to move forward with the repair.

My Eyeglass frames are made of gold and very expensive. Can you repair those?

We have fully trained jewelers and goldsmiths on staff that can treat and repair your frames with the care and attention that they deserve.
If your frame is made of gold or 18karat gold plated like many frames of Cartier and Chopard and other high brands we can use real gold wire to perform the laser weld repair. 14 Karat, 18 Karat and Platinum wire is available.

 Can you re-gold plate my Gold Eyeglass frames?

Our jewelers and goldsmiths on staff can re- gold plate your frame in many cases. However each frame is different and may be plated or surface treated in a unique way or proprietary plating alloy.Therefore we need to see your frame in hand to determine the options and cost for plating

Is laser welding really the best repair?

The Laser and Argon chamber is the safest method for eyeglass repair. Since there is very little heat and no oxidation, your eyewear finish will not be impacted. Most of our clients can’t even tell where the glasses were repaired. We usually we align your frames during the repair so you won’t have to go to an optician to get that done.

Eyeglass repair Questions about the Process

How long will my repairs take?

When you ship your eyeglasses to us, it takes from 1-3 days to arrive here. In most cases we repair and return your eyeglasses the same day they are received. It takes from 1-5 days to get back to you.

Shipping is really a lot of work. Isn’t there an easier way?

This entire process is quicker than trying to find a local place to get your glasses repaired. To save time at the post office, you can pre-fill out your shipping label online.

Is the ordering process complicated?

Ordering your eyeglass repair is easier than you think. Use the Eyeglass Repair page to identify your repair or style of eyeglass frame. The shipping and packing instructions will be on the order confirmation. Next, ship your eyeglasses to us in a sturdy, insured box (enclose the form in the box).
Once your eyeglasses arrive, we examine them and verify your order. If there is a problem or question we contact you. We usually repair your eyeglasses within 1 business days from when they arrive and return them free of charge by First class mail. We can also return your glasses faster with Priority Mail.

How should I pack my glasses for mail-in eyeglass repair?

It’s best to pack your glasses in their eyeglass case, tissue, bubble wrap or lens cleaning cloths. Pack your glasses with order form in a sturdy well padded box.

Will you be careful with my frames?

When we repair your glasses, we carefully handle the frame so there will be no marks on the frame and we will not injure the finish.

Will my lenses be ok?

We repair your glasses  carefully and protect your lenses and we remove the lens during the welding process if it is required,

What if my glasses cannot be repaired?

When your eyeglasses arrive at our shop we will examine them in our 50x scope. If for some reason a repair is not possible, we will contact you right away.

Do I have to send my lenses too?

The lenses are an important component of frame alignment. Please send them.

I am concerned about sending my eyeglasses away. Will you take proper care of them?

We will take great care of your eyeglasses and make sure that we don’t miss fractures or other issues that are invisible to the naked eye.
We confirm the exact breakage point, carefully clean the area, and use the laser system to weld the materials back together. The laser weld takes place in an Argon chamber and the Argon prevents oxidation of the metal during the process.
The laser weld itself is precise, exposing your glasses to very little heat (the laser repair operator is able to hold your eyeglasses in his bare hands during this process).
Because there is no oxidation and the laser is so precise, your eyeglasses will appear as new after the repair. Please take a moment to read through our testimonials to hear for yourself.

Eyeglass repair Questions about Guarantee

Do you guarantee your work?

Yes. We take pride in our good work and guarantee our eyeglass repair for 100 days. If your repair should break within that time, simply return your eyeglasses to us and we’ll repair your frame again at no charge to you (except the cost of shipping). Alternatively, we’ll refund your original fee.

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