keep glasses perfect - How to Keep Your Favorite Glasses In Perfect Condition

How to Keep Your Favorite Glasses In Perfect Condition

If you wear glasses for reading, driving, or for daily vision correction then you know that maintenance and repair services are just a fact of life. Most people will repair their glasses around once a year. Lost screws, scuffed lenses, bent arm wires, and missing nose pads are just a few of the common repairs […]


How to Know if You Should See an Optometrist

Like most people, you’ve probably struggled at some point with tasks such as reading small print or driving at night. Still, you might not recognize these issues as signs that you may need glasses. At Eyeglass Repair USA, we specialize in eyeglass frame repair, and we know all about the symptoms people experience when they […]

fix broken sunglasses - How to Fix Broken Sunglasses

How to Fix Broken Sunglasses

A pair of sunglasses can be your savior on a warm, sunny day, protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays. At Eyeglass Repair USA, we understand how frustrating it is when your favorite pair breaks. While a serious break or damage often requires a professional repair, knowing how to fix sunglasses on your own can […]


What to Do When Your Eyeglasses Break

You’ve probably been there before. You wake up one morning to reach for your glasses only to send them falling to the floor. You go to pick them up and the next thing you know, you hear a sickening crunching sound under your feet. Broken glasses are not only an inconvenience, they can leave you […]


Keep Your Designer Shades Looking Like New

Designer shades are the perfect finishing touch to any ensemble. When carefully maintained they can provide wearers with years of use. Here at Eyeglass Repair USA we specialize in providing our customers with high quality sunglasses repair that is affordable, efficient, and flawless. In your efforts to keep your shades in like-new condition, here are […]


Welcome to Our Blog!

Welcome to the official blog of Eyeglass Repair USA; we’re happy that you’re here and that you decided to take a few minutes to check us out! As a premier provider of sunglasses repair and standard eyeglass repair services, our blog is a great place to find the latest information about our repair process and […]