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Presenting the diverse range of frame types we expertly handle at our eyeglass repair establishment.

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Eyeglasses are an essential part of daily life. Some wear them for style, and some for clear vision. With daily wear and tear, glasses usually break. When this happens, there are two options available: one is to buy a new piece, and another is to perform an eye glass repair.

Now for eyeglasses repair option, the question comes to mind: Who provides the best glasses repair near me?

The answer to this question is Eyeglass Repair USA, a leading eyeglasses repair company with an online order facility. Over 1,300 satisfied customers gave our services a 5-star rating.

Expert Repair Services

No matter what your location is nationwide, you can order your repair online by following some simple steps and sending your broken glasses to our Eyeglass Repair center by Mail, UPS or Fedex

We will repair them and send you back. With extensive industry experience, we’re the name you can rely on. Our technicians specialize in eyeglass repairs, from broken frames to damaged hinge pins.

We ensure a seamless, invisible spot by utilizing cutting-edge laser welding and a stocked inventory of eyeglass repair parts.

Why is Eyeglass Frame Repair Important?

With daily wear and tear, your glasses frames can become loose, bent, or out of alignment. Sometimes, minor damage can make you uncomfortable wearing your favorite glasses, even negatively affecting your eyesight. If you wear branded shades like
Ray-Ban, Cartier, Prada, Gucci, Silhouette
they are costly. Unfortunately, if they get broken, you must try to get them repaired instead of buying a new piece. Repairing an item is always cheaper than buying a whole new one.

How Do We Repair Glasses Frames?

At Eyeglass Repair USA, we can repair almost any break or damage to the metal parts of your cherished eyeglass frames. A bent or broken hinge, a cracked frame or arm, a lost nose pad or hinge pin—in most cases, all of these problems and more can be fixed fast. Even titanium glasses snapped in two across the bridge can be repaired, as good as new. Check out the testimonials below.

Using precision laser welding and with a stock of spare parts, we can repair glass frames so delicately that the repair will be invisible to the naked eye. So, whether you have damaged or broken your expensive designer frames, vintage heirloom glasses, or just your much-loved old favorites, we can fix them fast, precisely, and durably right here at our eyeglass repair shop in the USA.

We have been in the optical repair business since 2002, repairing thousands of eyeglass frames of almost all brands  nationwide. Our team is  proud to deliver satisfactory customer service.

How to Order Your Repair Online?

With our three-step process, you can quickly get our glasses frame repair services. All you have to do is select your frame type (plastic, metal, rimless, titanium, etc.), select the location to repair your damaged part, and click through to order repair. After that, mail the glasses to us, and we take care of the rest—restoring your frames and returning them to you – often within 1-3 days.

Select & Order Your Repair

Our Process

Presenting the diverse range of frame types we expertly handle at our eyeglass repair establishment.


Send us your damaged glasses.


We will discuss the available options and costs with you before proceeding with the repairs.


Your glasses will be returned to you, good as new, within 28-48 hours.

Why Choose Us?

When you choose Eyeglass repair USA, you'll feel the benefit of 20 years' experience of eyeglass repair. Because we know the intricate details eyeglasses have and we know that how to handle it. With working knowledge of laser welding, quick turn around times and a cost effective solution.


Fixing eyeglasses is much cheaper than buying new ones.

Advanced Laser Welding

Our advanced laser welding restores broken glasses with precision, ensuring lasting strength and durability.

Quick Turnaround Time

Recognizing your daily dependence on eyeglasses, we prioritize both speed and quality in repairs. Your beloved pair will be swiftly returned to you.

Customer Support

If our customer has any problem and any question we are always happy to help.

Professional Technicians

Our skilled technicians can repair bends, breaks, and cracked arms at a fraction of the cost.

Multi-brand Repairs

Choose us for versatile multi-brand repairs.

Brands We Service

Explore our top-rated brands! If you don't find your favorite here, don't fret—click below to discover the full selection.



Discover the remarkable feedback from our valued customers regarding the excellence of our services.

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