What to Do When Your Eyeglasses Break

When your eyeglasses break consider this:

You’ve probably been there before. You wake up one morning to reach for your glasses only to send them falling to the floor. You go to pick them up and the next thing you know, you hear a sickening crunching sound under your feet. Broken glasses are not only an inconvenience, they can leave you unable to see, go to work, or carry on with daily activities if you don’t have a backup plan. While some repairs can be made at home using tools you already have, at Eyeglass Repair USA we’re always on hand to help with fixing eyeglasses.

Assess the Damage

Knowing what to do after your eyeglasses break starts with an assessment of the damage, if you can see! If one of the temples has come off, for example, you can reattach it with a small screwdriver so long as the hinge is still functioning. If your glasses crack right in half at the bridge, however, your best friend is duct tape until you can seek eyeglass repair.

Don’t Throw Them Out

Resist the urge to throw your glasses away! You can usually avoid the steep cost of a new pair of glasses by focusing on repairs instead. If the frame of your glasses is metal, plastic, wooden, or titanium, we are able to repair:

Send Your Broken Glasses To Eyeglass Repair USA

If there’s a crack in the frame, a break in the bridge, or you need help with a hinge, that’s what we’re here for. Our process is simple and glasses are typically returned to you after five days. Use our three-step system to get on the fast track to glasses that look, feel, and work like new.

  1. Select your style of eyeglasses in our shopping cart
  2. After going to checkout, describe your eyeglasses and the locations where repairs are needed in the space provided
  3. Place your checkout form in the box with your glasses and ship them to us. We’ll have them back to you in no time!

Broken eyeglasses are frustrating, but they don’t have to be an inconvenience with the right plan of action and a little help from your friends at Eyeglass Repair USA. Contact us today for more information!