Hinge Rebuild-convert

If your eyeglasses break in the hinge (or spring hinge) section you need a hinge rebuild-convert.

Some repair versions -of hundreds – shown in photos below .

See full description below.

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Hinge Rebuild-Convert

This repair applies to the following :

  • a broken eyelet in the front or back of the hinge
  • a broken off hinge section from lens frame
  • a broken off hinge from arm ( temple) section
  • a broken apart spring hinge – will be converted to regular hinge
  • a hinge that is ripped out of its plastic lens frame socket

Hinge Rebuild- Convert can be performed on:

  • Metal Frames • Titanium Frames • Vintage Frames • Plastic Frames • Wood Frames
  • Spring hinge conversions:
  • are performed by converting the spring hinge into a regular folding hinge.

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